Typeface of the Month: Nuances

By Blaze Type

Author: Tessa Breuer

This Typeface of the Month: Nuances Serif is a very rich Serif family, with a highly expressive and resolutely modern design. Born from personal research on typographic design and aesthetic detail, Nuances is a sharp serif font family with strong contrast and generous curves. With a particular attention to the design of each glyph, this font family is meant to be used in large sizes. This typeface is to be experienced, shown, read and seen through its elegant shapes, and its confident design.

Nuances Serif can also be appreciated for its playfulness due to its glyph diversity and large character set. Ranging from Condensed Thin to Extended Black, this font family is available in 3 Widths and 8 Weights with matching Italics. The wide range of its styles (48) offers infinite possibilities for text layouts combining width, weights, contrasts and styles to create original and sophisticated graphic compositions. A proper adaptative typeface family, it would be as adequate to a luxury brand as to a poster for movies, or even a packaging for grocery stores’ items.

The technical and aesthetic constraints brought by the variable aspect of the font played a capital importance in the drawing. The curves and contrasts keep a constant unity throughout the width design space and become more and more generous as the font goes blacker.

The thinner the design is, the more prominent the serifs are, and the blacker it is, the less present they are, allowing a tighter space. The typeface offers then a very different visual experience depending on the style used. From sharp and precise when used in Thin to a much richer and denser appearance when getting darker when used in Black. The drawing of the Italic styles was the perfect opportunity to join the main characteristics of the roman design with a strong velocity feeling (slant angle) that would bring a powerful contrast in graphic creations.

Typeface of the Month: Nuances

Foundry: Blaze Type
Designer: Ethan Nakache
Styles: Serif, Display, Condensed, Normal, Extended, Upright, Italic

Weights: 48 (3 Widths and 8 Weights with matching Italics)
File Formats: .OTF .WOFF .WOFF2 .TTF (Variable)
Prices: Single Styles: € 30.–
Family Packages: € 400.–
Full Family (All Styles + Variable): € 1,100.–

Visuels-Slanted2 Visuels-Slanted3 Visuels-Slanted4 Visuels-Slanted5 Visuels-Slanted6 Visuels-Slanted7 Visuels-Slanted8 Visuels-Slanted9 Visuels-Slanted10