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The new Engadin Magazine

Author: Slanted editors

As part of the repositioning of the Engadin brand, the first issue of the newly conceived Engadin Magazine has just been published. As part of the current reorientation of the entire tourism communication line, the magazine is moving into the center of the measures as a key brand ambassador. The brand values around the positioning as a “place of longing” form the basis for a canon of themes that is oriented towards the peculiarities of the landscape, the region and the people.

Gerhard Walter, CEO of the publisher Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus AG, says: “The magazine focuses on an absolute place of longing: the Upper Engadin with its unique and diverse nature. The people who live here also make our region special. Authentic, creative and cordial characters, whose enthusiasm for their homeland and their hospitality are transferred to everyone who comes to visit. With this magazine we want to surprise potential as well as regular guests with exciting stories and inspiring pictures.”

The design concept of the Engadin Magazine was developed by the design agency jäger&jäger, which is also responsible for the development of the entire visual communication line, and implemented by C3 Creative Code & Content. The publication has a circulation of 30,000 German and 15,000 English copies. It is available free of charge at numerous information points of the tourism organization, from over 2,000 partners in the valley (hotels, holiday apartments, businesses, etc.) and from many other partners in Switzerland.

The design of the magazine is based on the new visual and typographic language of the Engadin brand. A special focus is on the visualization of the core values, through typography. The typeface is deliberately set “rough” in order to create a near-natural image of the originality and abruptness of a high alpine landscape.

Similar to a gaze wandering across the landscape, in which the impressions of the images are seamlessly lined up, the images slide over one another in the magazine’s layout and are moved on to the next double page.

The content consists of carefully researched, surprising articles about Engadin peculiarities and personalities: from the most diverse sports experiences to cultural and art venues to the golden autumn and its peculiarities.

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