by Anita Jürgeleit

Author: Slanted editors

Hyper is a brand new headline typeface for the summer and all the delicious fruity and juicy things that sweeten us in the sun and refresh us in the heat. Hyper looks best in large headlines and even larger sizes. Hyper is available in two weights, Hyper Black—made for headlines—and Hyper Grande—made for really large sizes.

Hyper Grande is a little more elegant due to narrower horizontal line widths. These two weights allow a better typographic fine-tuning than just a single cut could, and the individual letters of Hyper are slightly curved and gently nestle together without touching.

Special attention has been given to the f, which changes its shape to perfectly fit the following letters. So Hyper comes up with a number of 62 f-ligatures, which are controlled by OpenType features.


Designer: Anita Jürgeleit
Release: April 2019
Weights: Black, Grande
Price: 23,99 €

Hyper is available here

2019-04-16_5cb5c0c13a9a9_MF_Hyper2 2019-04-16_5cb5c0c13aa03_MF_Hyper4 2019-04-16_5cb5c0c13aa5b_MF_Hyper5 2019-04-16_5cb5c0c13aab2_MF_Hyper6 2019-04-16_5cb5c0c13ab01_MF_Hyper7 2019-04-16_5cb5c0c13ab57_MF_Hyper8 2019-04-16_5cb5c0c13aba9_MF_Hyper9 2019-04-16_5cb5c0c13abfa_MF_Hyper10 2019-04-16_5cb5c0c13ac51_MF_Hyper11