Do the Stars Need a Reason to Shine?

Do the Stars Need a Reason to Shine?

Book by Markus Weisbeck

Author: Josephine Schroeder

Do the Stars Need a Reason to Shine? is a thought-provoking book by designer Markus Weisbeck, with text by Daniel Martin Feige, exploring visual research through 230 color illustrations, published by Spector Books.

Designer Markus Weisbeck has had a sustained focus in recent years on basic visual research. This book presents eighteen visual works created between 2011 and 2022. Most of the designs are predicated on the principle of improvisational loops. Interim results are repeatedly tested and varied until a final theme and form emerge from the process. Weisbeck also applies this mode of thinking, which is quite familiar to designers, outside the parameters of commissioned work: the results of his ongoing visual research are presented here in context.

Markus Weisbeck is a designer and professor of graphic design at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and at the Paju Typography Institute in Korea (since 2017). Daniel Martin Feige is a professor whose research and writing focuses on philosophical aesthetics and philosophical anthropology at their point of intersection with classical notions of practical and theoretical philosophy.

Do the Stars Need a Reason to Shine?

Publisher: Spector Books
Authors: Markus Weisbeck
Text: Daniel Martin Feige

Format: 17 × 23 cm
Volume: 189 pages
230 color illustrations
Language: English
Workmanship: thread-sewn hardcover

ISBN 978-3-959056-38-0 
Price: € 38,00.–

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Do the Stars Need a Reason to Shine?

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