DO YOU READ ME? & Buchhandlungen

DO YOU READ ME? & Buchhandlungen

New Publications Celebrating Book Shops Worldwide

Author: Clara Weinreich

Bookshops are not the only places where books are sold. They are places of togetherness in a neighborhood and often the first port of call for travelers who want to explore a city. Bookstores invite you to linger, to readings, concerts and parties; always with the aim of bringing together people who are thirsty for knowledge and curious and to make friends with strangers.

The shops themselves are as different as their owners. There are small bookshops where books are stacked up to the ceiling, minimalist concept stores and true book temples; they are located in apartments, on boats or in Gothic churches. Do you read me? brings together bookstores from all over the world and introduces some of the people who make them unique places.

Publisher: gestalten
Author: gestalten & Marianne Julia Strauss
Release: April 2020
Format: 21 × 26 cm
Volume: 272 pages
Language: English, German
Workmanship: full color, Hardcover, thread stitching
ISBN: 978-3-89955-884-5, 978-3-89955-994-1

Buchhandlungen—Eine Liebeserklärung (“Bookshops—A Declaration of Love”)
“Books are the proof that humans can do magic.” If one takes a look at the bookstores portrayed by the renowned photographer Horst A. Friedrichs, the quote by the author and astrophysicist Carl Sagan is immediately understandable: From a floating bookstore on a canal boat to endless rows of books in a former cathedral, Friedrichs shows an exquisite selection of 47 independent bookstores. His pictures open the doors to the unique world of books and their enthusiastic dealers, who with great sensitivity and passion create extraordinary places. Treasure chambers full of precious ideas, rooms of fantasy, and rebellion. Microcosms for people with an open mind.

These places have never been more important than today, in a time of fake news and short messages. The stories are told by the author Stuart Husband. With portraits of the bookshops Walther König (Cologne), Shakespeare & Company (Paris), Lello (Porto) and many more.

Publisher: Prestel
Foreword: Nora Krug
Workmanship: Hardcover, half-linen
Volume: 256 pages
Format: 24,0 × 28,0 cm
ISBN: 978-3-7913-8580-8
Release: June 2020

DO YOU READ ME? & Buchhandlungen

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