Downtown Camper

Slanted in Stockholm

Author: Julia Kahl

City. Nature. Sea. This is how one could describe Sweden’s capital Stockholm. We were here for one week to finally meet creatives again and learn more about their approach and attitude. After a long day of work, it was nice to come to a cozy and central hotel: Downtown Camper by Scandic is our urban base camp for half of the time here.

The business hotel does not look like a classic business hotel at all. No wonder, Scandic commissioned Swedish architects Stylt Trampoli to “bring nature into the city,” according to Mette von Schack, marketing manager. The Downtown Camper is their signature design hotel and is thought out down to the smallest detail: The property’s aesthetic embraces urban adventure, with natural elements such as wood, cork, leather, and greenery alongside rough, industrial accents and modern designs.

The architects say about their work: “When you walk into the entrance of the Downtown Camper Hotel in Stockholm, the first things you notice are the pillars of wood, the reception desk made of polished timber, and an abundance of ferns. Then, in one corner, you find ceiling-to-floor corkboards pinned with maps of Stockholm. Nearby, moss runs down one side of a freestanding column like a drip. A line of skateboards sit perched against the wall by reception. On another wall, the words Downtown Camper are proudly splashed onto the wall in green foliage. The overall effect is like the lovechild of a park ranger and a hipster.”

The hotel encourages its guests not only to visit the well-known tourist hot spots, but to experience the city in their own, “real” way. For this purpose, bicycles, skateboards, surfboards and even kayaks are available for rent. And not only that, you can also join guided tours for free. But also in the hotel itself you can find many green plants in all corners, which create a very welcoming atmosphere.

The rooftop terrace with spa and bar are incredible—you’ll just have to see for yourself. Of course, there’s also a gym, plus meeting rooms, workspaces and much more. The camper offers something innovative yet familiar and the central location is great. A muted, yet colorful design scheme energizes every space, encouraging spontaneous interaction and enlivened togetherness.

Thanks for having us!
More information can be found here.

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