NaN Jaune

Typeface of the Month: NaN Jaune

By Jérémy Landes

Author: Clara Weinreich

Our Typeface of the Month: NaN Jaune — By Jérémy Landes is something of a grotesk grotesque: a typeface bursting with charm and novelty with 20 upright styles spread across three optical sizes, accomodating any scale or application.

Jaune’s design began in 2016 as a single display weight taking inspiration from the warmth and compactness of Roger Excoffon’s 1960’s design Antique Olive. Over the following years Landes would expand the weight repertoire and add two additional sub-families bringing Jaune’s natural swagger to mid and small size uses. The result is a family of striking and joyful fonts engineered for all modern touchpoints, with Jaune having shown itself to work as well in print as in tough digital environments.

Jaune Maxi was created with display use in mind. Ranging from the blackest Black to a razor sharp Thin its short extenders make it ideal for compact text blocks and strong headlines. Jaune Midi is the all-terrain middle-child comfortable in all contexts and conversations. Jaune Mini’s open counters, deep ink-traps and simplified structure enhance legibility and eases Jaune’s natural swagger in longer text and smaller sizes.

At the end of the day, Jaune is a family of contrasts. Ranging from the blackest Black to a razor sharp Thin, and from ultra display to ultra text, with a language coverage of 224 Latin languages, it’s intended to play in a tremendous variety of contexts.

Trial fonts are available for immediate download. Check-out the NaN Jaune’s mini-site and game

Typeface of the Month: NaN Jaune By Jérémy Landes

Foundry: NaN 
Designer: Jérémy Landes
Release: May 2021
File Formats: TTF, WOFF2 + Variable versions
Styles: 20 upright styles across three optical sizes from a razor Thin to a super Black
Price per style / family: € 40.– / € 200.– (Variable fonts are included free in all family packages)
Mini-site and game: SansSheriff
Trial fonts

NaN Jaune

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