DWeb.Design #2: Typonight

Interactive typography in UI, #WomenInType and ...

Author: Iryna

In February, DWeb launched a series of events for designers to bring back the variety in design and typography and to secure the upcoming digital industries from the visual sameness.

The first edition “Embrace variety” went out as Dribbble Berlin meet-up. They announced that the next event would happen in mid May with a topic around typography and that the series of events will continue as DWeb.Design. Sticking to the plan, mid May means May 15th, 2019. This time they host DWeb.Design Typonight (their night starts at 18:00—so there will be some sun).

18:00: intro “Hey, it’s a blockchain! Why we talk typography?”
18:20: opening keynote by local typography hero (intentionally keeping his name in secret by the end of the next week. Stay tuned!)
18:50: talk: Frank Rausch “Interactive Text”
19:20: talk: Yulia Popova “Women in Typography” book pre-launch introduction
19:50: talk: We are looking for a font creator to step to a stage. If you see yourself in this role, drop a line at [email protected]

DWeb.Design is still and always will be on a mission to empower and inspire designers to consider trends, to create new standards that ensure every brand or product will keep their personality and authenticity, to create design that “steps too far.” And of course, help companies create a more delightful and memorable communication with people. DWeb.Design is a part of DWeb, a series of events driven by local communities toward a global goal—building the web we deserve. Currently they are operating in Berlin (powered by Jolocom) and in San Francisco.

May 15th, 2019
18:00 o’clock

Rudi-Dutschke-Strasse 23