Europe Poster

A European designers’ initiative to raise awareness of the forthcoming European elections

Author: Slanted editors

Europe Poster is an initiative of European designers to raise awareness for the upcoming European elections in May 2019. Together, they want to take a stand for democracy and Europe in order to motivate as many people as possible to make their vote count. Europe Poster was founded by two German design students and is conducted freely and independently. Anyone can participate, including you! They are looking forward to anyone participating, sending one or more posters. Even more so, they are happy if you also make use of your right to participate in the European democratic elections. After all: every vote counts!

How it works:
Check the requirements, design your own poster (according to the suggested contents below) and send us your draft, including personal information, via e-mail at [email protected]. In return, they will post your poster on their Instagram page @europe.poster and link your profile in the description. Surely, you are free to also post the work on your own Instagram or distribute it elsewhere.




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