Cultural Bulletin – Issue A

Cultural Bulletin

Issue A

Author: Clara Weinreich

Issue A—Winter 2018/19 is Cultural Bulletin’s first issue of a biannual magazine that looks at independent cinema, experimental music, conceptual design and contemporary art. Issue A reflects on the past year in music and cinema and talks to protagonists within these and other creative fields.

Issue A features:
OK-RM (design), Ian Bonhote (director of documentary McQueen), Tom Townend (cinematographer for You Were Never Really Here), Barry Adamson (musician, film composer), Hanyo Van Oosterom (musician—The Chi Factory), Ruth Bate (artist), Fanny Agren (photography), Rory Cook (poet)

In Review—Music:
Vanligt Folk, Accolytes, Steven Julien, Suba, Enhet För Fri Musik, Tropa Macaca, H.Takahashi, Modern Blonde, Jenny Hval, The Field, 7FO, Never, Scott Gordon, Waveform Transmission

In Review—Film:
McQueen, Sicilian Ghost Story, Summer 1993 (Estiu 1993), Beast, Les Gardiennes, Apostasy, Call Me By Your Name, Jeune Femme, Western, General Magic, The Wound, You Were Never Really Here, Cold War, Funny Cow, Lucky

Cultural Bulletin—Issue A

Editors: Tom Silver & Adam Greenhalgh 
Publisher: Cultural Bulletin Ltd
Release: Winter 2018/19
Volume: 152 Pages
Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm
Language: English
Specials: Softcover
ISSN: 2631–391X
Price: £ 9,–