Variable Emojis

Variable Emojis

For a less stereotype world

Author: hannahwitte

Variable Emojis are the emojis of the future! Created as a Variable Font, they give the users over thousands of options to create an individual look with only one emoji.

The existing emojis form a world language which is indispensable in today’s digital communication. Don’t we have figurative emojis for everything and everyone? Unfortunately, we don’t! Figurative emojis are still reproducing traditional role models, race, and gender roles. We want to stir up these role models with Variable Emojis.

Users can choose between over a million of emoji variations to depict the reality of lives. It is done in a technically easy way by Variable Fonts. It will be possible to use these as font file in any digital keyboard.

Check out the Variable Font by yourself here!

Variable Emojis

Designer: Hannah Witte
Release: January 16th, 2019
Styles: 20 Master, 6 axes or 1,000 options per axis
Format: OpenType, OpenType Variations
Price one style and family: Available for free upon request