Passau Posters

Author: Slanted editors

The love for his hometown Passau, the love for exceptionally designed posters and the love for good typography inspired Manuel Kreuzer to this project. Starting in September 2016, he designed a poster every week about special cultural events in and around Passau—for a whole year: 52 “Passau Posters”; were the result! There was only one rule: no colors, no pictures. On the one hand, the graphic artist wanted to sound out limits: What surprises the viewer? Where are the limits of legibility? On the other hand, he wanted to show what is possible with strict typographical design—and it quickly becomes clear: That’s a lot!

The posters thematize various events around Passau: subtle art exhibitions, tough techno parties, big concerts and festivals up to classical opera—all events Manuel Kreuzer would go to himself.

This book is not a rulebook, but a source of inspiration and ideas. And above all, it is a book full of great writings! Manuel Kreuzer wants everyone to open their eyes to the subtle differences of all types of fonts: Use well-designed fonts and use them with all the sensitivity and attention they deserve.

Passau Posters

Publisher: August Dreesbach Verlag
Format: 16,5 × 24 cm
Volume: 128 pages
Workmanship: thread-stiching paperback
Price: 18,– €