Femme Type

A book celebrating women in the type industry

Author: Slanted editors

Femme Type  is an all-female publication conceptualised by ex UAL Chelsea graphic design communication student Amber Weaver aiming to celebrate over 40 skilled, international women exercising their talents in the type industry. Femme Type’s purpose is to create a valuable stage and platform for designers to showcase their brilliant typographic achievements wrapped up in a wonderful printed format. To create a valuable source of inspiration and education for future and established designers across the globe.

Femme Type is separated into three sections:

Featuring a series of Latin-Kanji pairing studies titled “Bilingual Lettering” by New York-based designer and type designer, Tienmin Liao. A discussion about typewriter typefaces and their Influence on new digital fonts by Alphabettes.org contributor & co-founder of Kinetic, María Ramos. And finally, an essay talking about alphabettes.org typographic headers by co-founder Amy Papaelias.

Type Design
This section is donated to showcasing typeface projects by the likes of Johanne Lian Oslen, Andrea Tinnes, Sibylle Hangmann, Pooja Saxena, Maria Doreuli, Mobel Type Foundry and more.

Featuring typographic projects by London-based studio Yarza Twins, Marta Gawin, Shanti Sparrow, Mynameiswendy, Marta Cerda, Rita Matos, and many moree.

We teamed up with Leeds-based creative printers and finishers Pressision Ltd to make this exciting project a reality. Published by People of Print (in perpetuum).

Femme Type

Publisher: People of Print (in perpetuum)
Designer & Author: Amber Weaver
Volume: 272 pages + 8-pages cover
Format: 25 × 21 cm
Workmanship: Litho printed CYMK plus a special Pantone Spot color onto high-quality Fedrigoni Arcoprint paper, PUR bound
Language: English
ISBN: 917-1-5272-4222-7
Price: 30.– €

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