Festival Eastern European Design

FEED—Festival Eastern European Design

Visual Design in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe

Author: Josephine Schroeder

The Festival Eastern European Design, short FEED, is a festival dedicated to visual design in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe. It is held as part of the activities of the Network Eastern European Design (NEED).

FEED showcases the history and contemporary design from countries in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe, which are often overlooked and undervalued on the international design scene. The festival’s aim is to uncover and promote the visual culture of this region. Additionally, FEED focuses on networking and integrating design events such as festivals and conferences, which take place in Eastern European countries. Through a shared platform, organizations can develop and explore methods of action during times of political, economic, and climate crises.

The festival will consist of a public conference, a gathering of visual design event organizers, a meeting of European community representatives, a series of practical workshops, and networking sessions.

Attendees will include event organizers, curators, local influencers, design journalists, a diverse range of designers, and an audience interested in design culture.The conference, scheduled for September 2nd, explores the history and current landscape of European design, featuring Eastern and Southeastern Europe’s visual culture, showcasing design scenes from various countries, and covering historical contexts, contemporary scene, community situations, famous artists, important projects, and more.

Following the conference, on September 3rd and 4th, a convention of design organizations from all across Europe will take place. On Sunday, there will be Europe’s Design Event Organizers Assembly, a gathering of organizers from across the continent representing the East, West, and South. This special event features a series of engaging presentations and a joint networking session, dedicated to organizers, curators, journalists, lecturers, and representatives of institutions. Notably, we are delighted to bring together representatives from 37 esteemed design organizations spanning Europe. Following the assembly, get ready for expert talks, where a series of specialist lectures will delve into the key issues prevalent in the visual design industry. Stay tuned for a detailed program and additional information, which will be made available soon. On Monday: Practical Insights for Design Organizations, an invitation-only event focusing on methods, strategies, and tips for organizers. Furthermore Shaping the Future, an invitation-only workshop dedicated to future network strategies for events and design communities.

All events at the festival will be free of charge. To participate, simply fill out the registration form. You can also find the festival on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


New Theatre (Nowy Teatr)
ul. Madalińskiego 10/16
02-513 Warszawa

2nd–4th September, 2023
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Festival Eastern European Design