History of Press Graphics. 1819–1921

History of Press Graphics 1819–1921

The Golden Era of the Illustrated Press

Author: Josephine Schroeder

Step back in time to a captivating era where art and storytelling converged flawlessly in the pages of newspapers and magazines. History of Press Graphics 1819–1921 is an exceptional compendium celebrating the artistry of graphic journalism and political cartoons from 1819 to 1921. The book about the golden era of the illustrated press was published by TASCHEN and is authored by Alexander Roob.

Covering a wide range from 1819 to 1921, this collection features a wealth of news graphics, political cartoons, and satirical masterpieces. Renowned artists like Jean Cocteau, Juan Gris, and Käthe Kollwitz share the spotlight with the often-overlooked “special artists” of their time, including Thomas Nast, Honoré Daumier, and Gustave Doré, whose remarkable works have been rediscovered within these pages.

Beyond being a mere historical artifact, the rich and diverse press work showcased in the compendium holds immense significance in the world of art. It served as a pioneering influence on modern artistic expression, laying the groundwork for revolutionary techniques, from proto-cinematic narratives to daring forays into abstraction.

Intriguingly, the book takes us on a journey into the mind of the great artist Vincent Van Gogh, revealing his deep fascination with the illustrated press. For him, it wasn’t just an artistic inspiration, but a reflection of the spirit of social reform. Van Gogh’s extensive collection of press graphics led him to consider it nothing less than a “Bible for Artists.”

In summary, this captivating compendium offers a glimpse into the golden age of graphic journalism, which continues to influence and inspire the world of art today. It is a must-read for anyone who appreciates the unique fusion of images and words that defined this exceptional art form.

History of Press Graphics 1819–1921

Publisher: TASCHEN
Author: Alexander Roob
Format: 24.6 × 37.2 cm

Volume: 604 pages
Language: Edition: English, French, German
ISBN: 978-3-8365-0786-8
Price: € 60.–

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Images: © TASCHEN / Slanted Publishers

History of Press Graphics. 1819–1921

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