Fit Devanagari

Fit Devanagari

By Mota Italic

Author: Vicky Blake

Fit Devanagari is Kimya Gandhi’s extension of the original Fit typeface. This Indic companion has taken Fit’s strict rules of construction, flipped some around, and translated others into a new design that is simultaneously “fitting” of the Fit name, but also true to the history and expectation for Devanagari letterforms.

The family goes to extremes that have little precedent in the Devanagari script. Its ten weights start at an impossibly narrow Skyline style, and then balloon up an average of 3,600% per character to reach the gargantuan Ultra Extended style. In between these ridiculous extremes, you will find a family rich in panache and expressive potential.

Fit is anchored by its white shapes: regardless of width, the spaces within and between the letters always remain the same. These white shapes cut dramatically through the letterforms, a spellbinding maze of black and white.

Maybe it’s not ideal for book typography, but Fit opens up countless possibilities at large sizes. It’s an excuse to explore variable font technology and let your imagination run wild. Hopefully Fit Devanagari encourages designers to use the Devanagari script in new and enchanting ways!

Conjuncts are an integral part of the Devanagari script. A complex single conjunct embodies semantic, physical, and phonetic integrity. These are letterforms formed by the combination of two or more consonants. Generally, most can be written horizontally / linearly, as a combination of a half-form and full consonant. Others occur either vertically stacked or combined into a more complex letterform—these are referred to as “akhand conjuncts.”

Fit Devanagari is available directly from its designer at Mota Italic. It is also included with versions of Fit offered at DJR, including a free trial and educational license.

Fit Devanagari

Designer: Kimya Gandhi
Foundry: Mota Italic
Release: 2022
Languages: Devanagari
Styles: 10 Static + 1 Variable Font
Characters: 1,272
Trial fonts
Specimen PDF
Prices: € 50.88 Desktop, € 50.88 Web, € 76.32 Embedding

Fit Devanagari

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