Frankfurt Book Fair 2019


Author: Slanted editors

This year we were at the 71st Frankfurt Book Fair and have looked around for you in hall 4.1 to discover new things and to be happy about already known things. We made a longer stop at the Indiecon Island, because we were lucky to be presented with the Slanted Magazine among all the other great, independent Indie magazines at our booth. While strolling through the book fair we discovered the Typodarium at the stands of Hermann Schmidt Verlag and at Seltmann+Söhne the two instant photo calendars PHOTODARIUM 2020 and the erotic PHOTODARIUM PRIVATE 2020.

In 2019 Norway was the guest of honor at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, a country of great literature: from classics like Henrik Ibsen to current bestselling authors like Jo Nesbø. Norwegians read more than other European nations and have produced three Nobel Prize winners in literature. We could admire all this in the large Norway Hall.

As in previous years, the Frankfurt Book Fair has been promoting young designers with its own poster competition since 2006. Prospective designers are faced with the task of creating an original welcome greeting for the Guest of Honor. There are no limits to the ideas of the participants.

As always, it was an exciting excursion with a glimpse over the edge and many nice acquaintances. We are definitely looking forward to the next Book Fair!





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