FURE – The Future of Reading

FURE – The Future of Reading 2019 / Review

Author: Clara Weinreich

On the 22nd of November 2019 we were in Münster to participate in the FURE Conference. For the third time, FURE – The Future of Reading provided with a colorful mix of speakers an answer to the following questions: What new roles can print take on in times of digitalisation? What ideas and possibilities are offered through digital reading? How does this change our reading behaviour? How can reading prevail over other cultural techniques such as playing, listening, or watching?

The conference took place in the building of the MSD - Münster School of Design. The two hosts Rüdiger Quass von Deyen and Patrik Marc Sommer welcomed the approx. 200 participants and announced lectures by speakers such as Rayan Abdullah, Henning Skibbe, Malin Schulz, and Frances Uckermann.

All lectures on this day made clear the important role of typography and design in reading. Especially today’s demands on typography in the digital media represent an extreme change in reading behavior worldwide. Designers, typographers, and type designers have to react to this. With its interdisciplinary contributions, FURE – The Future of Reading continued to bring this topic closer to today’s designers and to increase sensitivity for details. Because designers play an important role in modern knowledge transfer and the responsibility is growing.

FURE – The Future of Reading

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