Hans Georg Lenzen. Mit leichter Hand

Author: Slanted editors

Hans Georg Lenzen was not only a highly talented draughtsman, painter, author and translator, but also a passionate university teacher. He was director of the Peter Behrens-Werkkunstschule, from 1972 prorector of the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf. Until 1986 he held the professorship for drawing, illustration and design in the field of design.

His command of many languages made him a successful translator of novels, stories, non-fiction books and numerous children’s books which were on the shortlist for the German Youth Literature Prize and which were awarded by Stiftung Buchkunst in the “Schönsten deutschen Bücher” competition.

The contributions and pictures in this artist’s monograph make it clear that Hans Georg Lenzen repeatedly thematized the “world as a stage:” social themes in their ambiguity, the stage with its tragic or comic figures. The allegorical gaze, the mysteriousness of the picture were always central to him. His notes from sketchbooks collected in this book contain inspiring potential for every designer. The book was sensitively designed by Marie Mick as part of her master’s thesis and accompanied by Professor Irmgard Sonnen.

Hans Georg Lenzen. Mit leichter Hand – Die szenische Metaphorik des Zeichnerischen

Publisher: Irmgard Sonnen / Hochschule Düsseldorf
Initiative: Marcelle Lenzen und Irmgard Sonnen
Design: Marie Mick mit Begleitung Professorin Irmgard Sonnen
Photos: Marie Mick
Release: May 2019
Format: 21 × 28,5 cm
Volume: 204 pages with numerous images
Workmanship: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-00-062056-0

Price: 39.– Euro

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