Corporate Publishing: Strategic Conception of Print Media

IGEPA Webinar Crossing Dimensions

Author: Greta Landmann

The new webinar series by the IGEPA Academy kicks off on April 9th, 2024, the first event is titled Corporate Publishing: Strategic Conception of Print Media.

The development of a successful magazine project relies significantly on a well-thought-out concept, a creative idea, and a catchy name. How do you initiate a well-thought-out concept, and what tools can facilitate getting started? What proven tips and tricks support you in brainstorming ideas and compiling content? How do you identify the target audience and integrate their needs into your concept early on? What should you consider when brainstorming names, and what criteria are important? In the subsequent discussion with Sonja Pham, Barbara Kotte, and Carolin Blöink, Julia Kahl will share these questions with the other guests. She will discuss with Professor Barbara Kotte how conception and campaigns are taught at the University of the Arts. Carolin Blöink will provide additional insights into how concepts can be made tangible through tactile materials and formats without revealing content. Sonja Pham and Julia Kahl themselves will also contribute their perspectives.

The webinar series will be moderated by Julia Kahl, Co-founder of Slanted Publishers. She is considered the ideal choice for moderation, as she has been nurturing an international network of creatives and cultural producers for over 15 years. As a designer, editor, and publisher, she has a deep passion for typography, editorial design, and all printed matter. As a co-founder of the internationally renowned design, publishing, and media house Slanted Publishers, she publishes books and magazines in the fields of design, typography, and visual culture. The event is organized by Sabine Goemann of the IGEPA Academy. With over ten years of experience in various roles in the paper industry, Sabine is currently the Content and Event Manager at the IGEPA group in Hamburg. She focuses on process design, benchmarking, product analysis, customer and supplier dialogue, and international contacts. Sabine also conducts research and writes about innovation management and resilience in the New Normal at Leuphana University in Lüneburg. She delivers lectures and moderates discussions on future research and transformation design. Additionally, she extensively presents the topic of paper and tactile experiences in (web) seminars and workshops at the IGEPA Academy.

Corporate Publishing: Strategic Conception of Print Media

April 9, 2024
10-11.30 a.m.

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