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Limited Edition Magazine

Author: Franzi Haeussner

INQUE is a beautiful annual literary magazine dedicated to exceptional new writing. It documents a decade that will usher in a new era. It will run no advertising, have no web version, and publish only ten issues.

From Dan Crowe (publisher of Port magazine and Granta book editor) and Matt Willey (BAFTA-nominated creative behind the Killing Eve title sequence, partner at Pentagram design studio, and former art director of The New York Times Magazine) comes an ad-free title dedicated to publishing diverse global writing alongside extraordinary art, design, and photography, with an editorial remit to be creatively groundbreaking. For ten years only, INQUE will be released as a large-format portfolio of newly commissioned works by international writers and artists. INQUE will chronicle a pivotal upcoming decade as a limited-edition collector’s item to be kept and cherished, in defiance of throw-away culture and mass market media consumption.

Contributors are carefully selected by INQUE’s prestigious editorial board, which includes acclaimed authors Hanif Kureishi and Niven Govinden, Pulitzer-winning New York Times writer Wesley Morris, and leading publishers Simon Prosser and Sharmaine Lovegrove.

The list of extraordinary international talent featured in INQUE includes:
– Christopher Anderson, Photographer
– Paul Davis, Graphic Artist
– Helen Marten, Artist and Author
– Tamara Shopsin, Author and Designer
– Paula Scher, Graphic Designer and Painter
– David Lynch, Director and Artist
– Tilda Swinton, Filmmaker and Writer
– Jason Fulford, Bookmaker and Photographer

“It is a ten-year creative document, an ad-free hybrid magazine set to the rhythm of its time, showcasing new talent alongside living icons and commenting on what will be an extraordinary decade.” — Dan Crowe

Acclaimed author Jonathan Lethem (The Fortress of Solitude; Motherless Brooklyn) will write a new novel over the course of the ten issues of INQUE. The launch issue includes a profile of the bestselling Norwegian novelist Karl Ove Knausgård and the first installment of INQUE’s Dead Interview series, in which Margaret Atwood interviews George Orwell.

These literary and fiction features will appear alongside cutting-edge art and commentary; master potter, artist, and author Edmund de Waal will write about an extraordinary ceramic work in all ten issues and art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon kicks off Issue 1 with a lead feature on How looking at art has changed since 1500, and again now post-Covid. In addition to portraits of the contributors by Jack Davison and Christopher Anderson in each issue, there will be limited edition runs (up to 500) of original artworks by leading artists and photographers available exclusively on the INQUE website to accompany special issues.

Free from the constraints of advertising, commercial partnerships, and rushed editorial processes, INQUE has rid itself of anything that might stifle artistic expression. The result is a bold and unique magazine that allows the unbridled creativity of extraordinary writers, artists, and designers to flourish. A magazine created to reflect the decade, INQUE will be as daring in its content as it is in its concept.

INQUE Magazine—Issue One

Editor-in-Chief: Dan Crowe
Senior Editor: David S. Wallace
Contributing Editors: Harriet Moore, Adam Moss, Cillian Murphy
Art Director: Matt Willey
Printed in a limited edition of 6,000 copies

Format: 43 × 24.5 cm
Volume: 232 pages
Language: English
Price: £ 55.–

INQUE Magazine

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