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Author: item Magazin

item Magazin #5, an independent platform for the transfer of educational impulses, is the student magazine of the Department of Design and Culture at HTW Berlin.

In this fifth edition, the students look at topics like identity, origin, relationship, self-discovery, subculture and change—change being treated as a fluid process. All under the theme of kursiv. “Kursiv” (italic) comes from Latin and means something like flowing, always continuing, but also hurrying. Isn’t that a pretty apt representation of our times? Technological development is advancing faster than ever before. But does that necessarily mean that analog handicraft is dying out? Isn’t it also possible for digital and analog to merge?

They were also concerned with the fact that our lives are often characterized by the unpredictable. When does everything ever go straight? In the end identity is just as fluid as time, or isn’t it ...?

Questions like these were tackled in this issue and exciting people, such as Andrej Dúbravský, Angst Yok, Hannah Müller-Hillebrand, Berfin Karakurt, Hala Al Shihabi, P.Vanillaboy, Hubert Jocham, Lucia Lucia, Lisa Ertel + Jannis Zell, Westhafen, and Nikolas Iturralde, shared their thoughts. The students focused on young creatives, offering them a platform to showcase their work and share their perspectives in the form of articles.

In addition, 23 projects by students from the Department of Design and Culture are featured in this years issue and provide an interesting insight into the recent semesters at university.

Thanks to the screen-printed covers and a program especially written for our purposes by the Heenemann printing company, which enabled us to change the paper in each individual magazine, each item #5 is unique.

The magazine was founded by Sally Paschmann. This year it was produced under the direction of Aletta Wetterstrand in collaboration with 12 female students. It is intended to provide insights into the debates, thoughts, impulses and projects that arise during the course of studies. It offers a platform for students to present themselves and their projects and to view their work in a socially relevant context.

item Magazin #5

Publisher: HTW Berlin, Department of Design and Culture
Founding: Sally Paschmann
Supervision: Aletta Wetterstrand
Editing: Emely Tenchio, Leonie Rolser, Malin Hiegle, Malena Tafel, Talile Bekele, Amina Zerourou
Design: Lea Pagels, Imari Moxter, Paula Schneider, Selma Harms, Tereza Menclová, Laura Wolf
Release: October 2023
Format: 21 × 27.5 cm
Volume: 176 pages
Edition: 350 copies
Print Shop: H. Heenemann
Language: German / English
ISSN: 2629-6691
Price: €14.–

BUY: Motto Books, Walther König, Bücherbogen, pro qm, and Rosa Wolf (Berlin) or online via their website

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