Slanted Summer School Vol. 1—Energy

A Tangible Memento of the Four-Day Journey

Author: Julia Kahl

Energy is everywhere, acting as the magical spark that powers our world. From the food we eat that fuels our bodies to the cars we drive, it’s all about energy. This same spark lights up our homes and even powers our brightest ideas. When we’re deep in thought or bursting with excitement, it’s energy working its magic inside us. This might be why we often chat about our feelings and emotions, showing how deeply energy touches our lives.

In August 2023, Karlsruhe hosted the inaugural Slanted Summer School, welcoming 12 participants from 9 countries. Guided by Julia Kahl, co-founder of Slanted Publishers, the program aimed to cultivate skills and foster collaboration in editorial design.

The highlight was the creation of an 80-page publication on the theme Energy. Crafted with precision and passion, it serves as proof of newfound skills and a tangible memento of the four-day journey. In just four days, a diverse group of participants from around the globe came together to produce a dynamic and visually striking publication that captures the essence of “Energy” in every page.

“Everyone has a unique understanding of energy shaped by their backgrounds. In the end, energy is the spirit that drives us, making every day an adventure.”—Pauline Seidlich

Summer School Participants: Alexandra FolieCinta JanssenDaniil VladimirovDenny KobigerGianluca ChiavassaHanna MurajdaPauline SeidlichSarah TanSebastian HemetsbergerSofia Rojas Alejandre, Sonja ZimmerliTristan Ernst

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