komma Magazine 28 — Leitern

Magazine of University of Applied Sciences Mannheim

Author: Greta Landmann

komma is a platform showcasing projects from students of the design faculty at the University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim. The magazine is entirely student-run, with the editorial team handling every task. The team composition changes regularly, giving each edition its unique theme and identity. komma serves as a showcase for bachelor, master, semester, and independent projects. Each issue is distributed to prominent figures in the design industry.

The current issue is all about Ladders. The magazine explores the various meanings of ladders, and shows different perspectives on the topic are spread across 176 pages, offering fascinating insights into the world of this household and garden tool, as well as everything else that can be understood by the term. Often, it refers to more than just a frame with rungs: approximately 3,860 words in the German language contain the word “Leiter” (engl. Ladder).

komma 28 elved into these concepts and connected them with social themes from various aspects of live.

More about komma 28 here.

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