SKOUD Cosmetics

Visual Identity by Studio Last

Author: Slanted editors

Christian Morgenstern

The visual identity of SKOUD Cosmetics reflects innovation and elegance. As the first luxury skincare brand created by cosmetic scientists in Germany, it combines beauty with scientific expertise. SKOUD Cosmetics visual identity is carefully crafted to showcase the balance between nature and science. Every detail, from colors to typography, is chosen to represent the brand’s high-quality yet approachable image. By blending modern design with organic elements, the brand emphasizes its commitment to effective, natural skincare.

Visual Identity, Product Design, Web Design: Studio Last
Brand Building: Nicole Zepter & Matthias Last
Campaign Photography: Nadia Del Do
Product + Textureshootings
Photographer: Stephan Abry
Setdesign: Kirsten Schmidt
Photographer: Qurilin Siegbert
AD & Set: Bianka Hartkopf
Fonts: Favorit by ABC Dinamo, Lydian by American Type Founders

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