Let your creativity grow: 40% discount now available on Creative Cloud

Author: Julia Kahl

Creativity is an oasis – Adobe Creative Cloud offers all tools, apps and features to transform ideas into unique designs. Try it out and increase your productivity: until 23.05.2019, you can get Creative Cloud for just € 35.69 (incl. VAT) instead of € 59.49 per month.

What does such an oasis for designers look like? The artist Nadine Kolodziey is one of this year's Creative Residents at Adobe. In her artwork from the "garden of creativity", she shows the magic behind Creative Cloud. Nadine calls this her "magical power". She says: "I can create trees and design clouds; I can overcome time and space and work on a file with friends from all over the world at the same time." This allows creativity to grow.
Nadine sees herself as an interface between analogue and digital design. For her "garden of creativity" she cuts shapes out of foil to melt them down again in the next step, then she photographs them and refines them in Illustrator CC with the new freehand function. Via the CC library, the visual item is exported to Adobe After Effects CC where it is animated. The final editing and adding of sound effects and music is done in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This hybrid way of working gives her design a special look.


And what does your garden of creativity look like? Ensure you get your Adobe Creative Cloud for just € 35.69 (incl. VAT) instead of € 59.49 per month between 16.05.2019 and 23.05.2019.