Slanted Shopping Thursday


Author: Slanted editors

Today is a perfect day to browse our Slanted Shop and discover new publications. Therefore we present you four books from POOL Publishing, which are worth a look:

With FACTS AND FICTION artist Peter Phobia presents a carefully selected overview of his works and solo exhibitions in a limited artist collection.
FACTS AND FICTION at the Slanted Shop, 180 pages, 18 × 22 cm, 28.– €.

MEMORIES OF THE CAVE puts the portrayal of cave paintings into a new context. These are simplified in their complexity in experimental drawings and presented in manipulated form in their playful lightness of the monochrome present. Illustrations.
MEMORIES OF THE CAVE at the Slanted Shop, 116 pages, 21 × 29,7 cm, 15.– €.

FASSADE PARADE is a collection of lost souls of modern aesthetics compiled by Tobias Faisst that stand in strong contrast to pixel-perfect designs and high-end photography.
FASSADE at the Slanted Shop, 84 pages, 14,8 × 21 cm, 10.– €.

TROTTELKOLLETIVE bursts through the verbal idiocy of the advertising industry. Leaves the thought-destruction machinery behind and gets into a new defective existence. Poems.
TROTTELKOLLEKTIVE at the Slanted Shop, 86 pages, 14 × 22 cm, 12.– €.

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