Let’s Play Outdoors & Little Big Rooms

Let’s Play Outdoors & Little Big Rooms

By Little Gestalten

Author: Laura Nadvornik

There are many children’s books, but not all of them please us as much as these two releases from Little Gestalten. Especially in times of closed day-care centers and schools, it is more important than ever that the home is suitable for children and offers many play opportunities. Little Big Rooms gives valuable tips and unusual furnishing ideas. When it comes to going outside, Let’s Go Outdoors! offers an incredible variety of play ideas for different age groups … and parents will have fun doing it too 😉

Let’s Play Outdoors! (German: Raus an die frische Luft)

Let’s Play Outdoors! is a book that encourages children to go and play outside and discover what nature has to offer. Leave the house and roam outdoors: It is a fascinating place, waiting to be conquered by children with curious minds. Let’s Play Outdoors! encourages little nature detectives—not just to see, but also to listen, to touch, and to smell our surroundings. Climbing trees, watching clouds, tracing animals’ footprints, playing games outdoors …

This book is packed with simple activities and experiences to inspire the environmentally-conscious children of today. The suggested activities inspire independent learning about animals, plants, and the weather, as well as how to look after the world.

About the Author
Catherine Ard has written and edited many craft books for children. She lives in Bristol with her family, where their little dog, Annie sleeps at her feet while she is working.

About the Illustrator
Australian illustrator Carla McRae is living and working in Melbourne. Her work covers editorial, publishing, and branding. She also likes to design socks and paints large-scale mural projects.

About the Researcher
Researcher Polly Jarman has worked for many years with young people through environmental education and outdoor activity projects.

Written by: Catherine Ard
Illustrated by: Carla McRae
Researcher: Polly Jarman
Release date: March 2020
Language: German and English
Format: 21 × 26 cm
Volume: 56 pages
Workmanship: Full Color, Hardcover, stitch bound
ISBN: 978-3-89955-843-2
Price: € 14.90

Little Big Rooms (German: Kinderkram)


How do you set up a children’s room that is fun, colorful, and fresh? One that gives children room for playing, daydreaming, and letting their imaginations run wild?

A child’s room must be fun both for its smaller inhabitants and for the parents that arrange them; it’s here that budding young minds first begin to explore the world. These rooms have plenty to do, acting as playrooms, places to sleep, reading nooks, and spaces for young minds to concentrate and let their creativity unfold. Years can be spent playing and learning in a child’s room; a sibling might move in, making it a space for laughter and sharing. Setting up a children’s room can be a wonderful challenge.

Little Big Rooms is here to offer inspiration to parents, full of exciting tips for new rooms or spaces in need of an update, as well as furniture and accessory recommendations sure to please everyone in the family.

Editor: Gestalten
Release date: May 7th, 2018
Format: 22.5 × 29 cm
Volume: 256 pages
Workmanship: Full color, hardcover, stitch bound
ISBN: 978-3-89955-942-2
Price: € 39.90

Let’s Play Outdoors & Little Big Rooms

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