Lottery: Arpona Sans Family

Lottery: Arpona Sans Family

By Floodfonts

Author: Floodfonts

Take your chance to take part in the Lottery: Arpona Sans Family — By Floodfonts

Arpona Sans is a contemporary sans serif family inspired by the work of Edward Johnston and Eric Gill for London Underground. As well as its serif companion Arpona it is a symbiosis of different design concepts. Arpona Sans combines the aesthetics of a geometric Sans with the usefulness of the humanist concept and the calm of the modernist proportions. Arpona Sans is a good choice for editorial design, branding, app design, and web design—a poetic workhorse well readable even in running text on screen.

The family comes with nine weights, ranging from Thin to Black plus corresponding Italics. Each style includes 588 glyphs supporting all western-, eastern-, and central-european languages including four sets of figures and various currency symbols.

“When I had just finished the serif fonts of Arpona, I decided to test the concept as a Sans and drew a few sketches. One of the results I liked the most reminded me of the alphabet Edward Johnston drew for the London Underground later revised by Eric Gill and published as Gill Sans. Gill Sans was an influencial predecessor for all modern Humanist Sans as well as for the Geometric Sans concept. It is still in use today but unfortunately there are quirky details in many letters (for examle the calligraphic influence on ‘a’ and ‘R,’ the right angle in ‘p’ and ‘d,’ or the extreme dynamic in the stroke modulation) and the family had never become a homogenous piece of design nor even the single fonts.
Because of its strong character I very much liked the idea to interpret the typeface in a new and contemporary way. I decided to keep the mix of concepts and add even more components due to the fact that modern letter proportions work better on screen. Apart from that I tried to remove unusual details focussing on a consistent design as if cast from one mould.” — Felix Braden

Now you have the chance to call the Arpona Sans Family your own: We raffle a desktop license of the whole Arpona Sans Family. To take part in the lottery, write an email to [email protected] with the subject “Arpona Sans.”  The lottery ends on June 4th, 2021, 11 a.m. (UTC+1). The winner will be drawn after the deadline and contacted by email. Whoever takes part in the raffle agrees to receive news from Slanted and accepts the privacy policy. Legal recourse is excluded. We wish you good luck!

Lottery: Arpona Sans Family

Foundry: Floodfonts
Designer: Felix Braden
Release: March 9th, 2021
Format: OTF, WOFF
Styles and Weights: 18 weights from Thin to Black (incl. Italics)
Price Single Style: $ 49.– 
Price Full Family: $ 495.–
Arpona is part of Adobe Fonts and freely available for all users of the Creative Cloud
Buy here or get your Variable fonts and Trial fonts on request
Until 6/29/2021 there is a 60% introductory discount at Fontshop (for the whole Arpona Sans family and for the individual cuts)

If you want to know more about the Arpona Sans Family, check out Floodfonts or MyFonts

Lottery: Arpona Sans Family

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