Three Best Branding Tips From Lovework Studio

Three Best Branding Tips From Lovework Studio

Branding NOW Online Course

Author: Nina Steimel

Did you ever wanted to create a brand strategy that resonates and a brand identity that cuts through? To deep dive into Branding? Robyn & Campbell Butler invite you to their three-week Branding NOW online course from June 3rd until June 24th, 2021. Apply until May 31st, to get your Special Offer! Branding is more than just crafting logos and typefaces. According to Lovework Studio, brands need to go further than that. To give you a taste, we would like to present Three Best Branding Tips From Lovework Studio that are important to keep in mind when developing strategies or brand identities:

Tip #1
Ask the team “what is your brand fighting against?.” Get them to write their answer on a blank protest sign, make a punchy slogan and draw a symbol for the movement. Everyone holds their sign aloft and leads a protest through the office! This activity helps the team to think about the really important things the business stands for and how to articulate it.

Tip #2
If it doesn’t make you cringe it probably exists already. Make it simple enough to work at any size but detailed enough to provide meaning. It takes hundreds of variations before you get a logo that works. When you get the right design, you know. It conveys the right meaning, has the right attitude, and stands out from the crowd.

Tip #3
When your team has lost momentum, stop what you’re doing. Get them team together. Break down the job into bite sized chunks. For example, get everyone to spend an hour just working on color palettes. Then come back as a group and review.

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Three Best Branding Tips From Lovework Studio—Branding NOW Course

Branding NOW online course led by Robyn & Campbell Butler (Lovework Studio)
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June 3rd to 24th, 2021


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Three Best Branding Tips From Lovework Studio

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