Making of Slanted Magazine #43—Ukraine

A Meaningful Publication about the Ukrainian Design Scene

Author: Julia Kahl

Exciting news: Our upcoming issue of Slanted Magazine dedicated to the vibrant graphic design scene of Ukraine is in production and will be published soon! Despite challenges, fueled by newfound friendships and overwhelming generosity, we’re diving into this project headfirst. Preorder your copy now as a single issue or together with the limited special edition sticker set (5€ will be donated for each set sold) or subscribe to Slanted Magazine and receive the issue at its release :)

This magazine comes along with three different cover artworks by Mykola Kovalenko, Dasha Podoltseva, and Anna Sarvira, printed by our long-time printing partner Stober Medien. Inside you can find the wonderful works from more than 150 Ukrainian designers printed on the voluminous coated paper Condat matt Perigord, distributed by Inapa Deutschland. The issue will be complemented by 96 pages of essays, interviews and appendix, printed with a blue spot color by HKS (44N) on the uncoated paper Holmen Trnd with a double volume produced by Holmen Paper. The magazine comes along with a 8-paged cover and an open thread-stitching wonderfully manufactured by the bookbinding company Schaumann.

For each Limited Special Edition Ukraine sold, 5€ will be donated to the German aid organization ART HELPS with which we worked together two years ago for the project Posters Can Help.

Stay tuned for a contemporary time capsule capturing the essence of Ukrainian design. Enjoy the photos :)

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