Meet Your Local Printer

Creative Print, Paper, Binding, and Finishing Event in Amsterdam

Author: Slanted editors

Slanted is part of Meet Your Local Printer, an event around creative print, paper, binding, and finishing in Amsterdam on the 13th of June.

Whether you are an accomplished graphic designer, a novice photographer, an experienced producer, or an enthusiastic student—this event is specially tailored for you. In the dynamic print industry, where print is becoming increasingly sustainable, high-quality, and diverse, all seven partners cherish exchange and inspiration to push boundaries together. The show starts at 2 pm and runs until 6 pm at the Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam (GWA), featuring live printing and talks moderated by our editor Lars, with guests like Floor Wesseling.

Meet five very different printing houses, take a look behind the scenes, and discover all the print options at:

De Kijm Creative Printmakers – specializing in riso, letterpress, and more, located in Den Haag.
Krijger Vormgave – offering high-end silkscreen printing, based in Zaandam.
Robstolk – known for quality offset printing and books, situated in Amsterdam.
Rodi – specializing in web-offset printing in all dimensions, located in Diemen.
Ruparo – offering sustainable and digital printing services, based in Amsterdam.

Additionally, Anna Cairoli Binding, a top-notch hand-bookbindery from Amsterdam, and Metapaper, a high-end e-commerce platform for paper, will showcase their products.

Get a chance to ask questions, witness innovative techniques, and discover the magic behind printed matter. And, of course, enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks.

When: Thursday, 13th June, from 2 pm to 6 pm.
Where: Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam (GWA), NDSM-Plein 27, Amsterdam Noord. Accessible by train—take the ferry towards NDSM from Central Station—bicycle, and car.
Free registration at:
De Kijm Creative Printmakers
Krijger Vormgave
Anna Cairoli Binding

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