Melnikov-House Moscow

Author: Julia Kahl

During my trip to Moscow for bauhaus imaginista, I was lucky to have the possibility to take part in one of the rare guidances at the renowned Melnikov House.

It was built by architect Konstantin Melnikov as a classic residence that represents the forefront of the 1920’s Russian avant-garde and was opened to the public only just in 2017. Located in the trendy district of Arbat, its aesthetics differ dramatically from traditional Soviet residential architecture.

Nearly 60 hexagonal windows with nine types of frames establish the aesthetic quality of the rear cylinder, showering the interior with light. Functionally not a masterpiece – you can’t really open them properly. Aesthetically for sure one of the most iconic pieces of modern architecture!


melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_01 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_02 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_03 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_04 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_05 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_06 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_07 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_08 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_09 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_10 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_11 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_12 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_13 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_14 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_15 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_16 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_17 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_18 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_19 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_20 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_21 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_22 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_23 melnikov-haus-moskau-slanted_24