Monograph of Michelangelo Penso

by Multiplo

Author: Slanted editors

The graphic design studio Multiplo from Padova, Italy, designed the Monograph of Michelangelo Penso. The Publication was written by Leo Lecci, Andrea Daffra, and Daniele Napolitano, and edited by the venetian Galleria Alberta Pane.

Michelangelo Penso is an artist who works with various materials and is specialized on sculpture, installation, and drawing. The artist’s work research a connection between art and science. His forms that fill the space are large configuration of organisms as they appear under the microscope.

Multiplo is a graphic design studio focused on print, identity, and digital media for a diverse range of clients and fields, from individual to commercial and institutional.

Monograph of Michelangelo Penso

Title: Michelangelo Penso
Design: Multiplo
Authors: Leo Lecci, Andrea Daffra, Daniele Napolitano
Editors: Luca Fattore, Lorenzo Toso
Publisher: Edizioni Alberta Pane
Release: November 2019
Volume: 128 pages
Format: 21 × 28 cm
Language: English, Italian
Production/Finishing: Embossed canvas hardback
Print: 4c offset print, uncoated paper
Printed and bound by: Grafiche Aurora, Verona, IT
ISBN: 978-2-9554761-3-0
Price: 25.– Euro

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