NEBEL Magazine 01: Power Issue — Publication on Contemporary Culture

NEBEL Magazine 01: Power Issue

Publication on Contemporary Culture

Author: Vivian Dehning

We are presenting you today the editorial Bachelor Project NEBEL Magazine 01: Power Issue — Publication on Contemporary Culture by Vivian Dehning:

NEBEL is a magazine on contemporary society and culture that critically and artistically explores feminisms, sex, gender, and heteronormativity. It creates space for dialogues and monologues, questions, and answers as well as the interconnection of different perspectives. With texts, essays as well as artistic and photographic contributions and reportages it amplifies quieter and louder voices of different people. Existing conflicts are taken up, assumptions are called into doubt and old questions are rethought.

As a magazine, NEBEL aims to depict diverse and contemporary discourses, make experiences visible, and encourage sustained debates that may then lead to further interactions.
The first issue is about power in different contexts and is edited with 17 articles, printed on two different papers and thread-bound. As an extra a card with a quotation from Virginia Woolf is enclosed, who, with an anecdote from her essay “A Room Of One’s Own” is the name-giver of the magazine.

Vivian is a designer with a focus on storytelling, driven by editorial design, photography, and typography. She specialized in publication design, visual identities, and type design as well as portrait and documentary photography.

NEBEL Magazine 01: Power Issue

Design & Art Direction: Vivian Dehning
Authors: Alicja Boß, Vivian Dehning, Jasmin Mittag, Evelina Müller, Dr. phil. Christoph Müller, Vivian Rutsch, Luise Schlütsmeier, Ive Senkowski, Lisa Starke, Anna Stemmler, Jeremy Suyker, Roman Thomas, Elena Vonderau
Editor: Vivian Dehning
Volume: 192 pages
Format: 17 × 22.5 cm
Language: German
Release: 2021
Finishing: Dummy Edition / BA thesis / non published

Cover: Vivian Dehning & Patrycja Kopinska
Proofreading & Editing: Jehonä Kicaj

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NEBEL Magazine 01: Power Issue — Publication on Contemporary Culture

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