Haute Baso Video Interview Rwanda

New video interviews online from Rwanda

Author: Julia Kahl

When the Slanted team found out about a project showcasing Rhineland-Palatinatean design in Rwanda–and the other way around, they wanted to take a look at the up-and-coming creative scene there themselves to find out more. As they traveled to Rwanda in February 2019, the country impressed them in many ways: Plastic bags? They are absolutely forbidden there since 2004. Environmental management is being decentralized from the political to the local level, leading to a widespread understanding on how to preserve the environment. On the last Saturday of the month, for example, every citizen is obliged to tidy up the streets. Since this year, no more old clothes from the West may be imported to Rwanda—this could create around 25,000 new jobs and the textile industry is flourishing. Rwanda showed us how it’s done!

Find out about the creative scene in Rwanda from the video interviews online!

Supported by descom Designforum Rhineland-Palatinate and the Partnership Association Rhineland-Palatinate / Rwanda.

Haute Baso Video Interview Rwanda