Pardon 4x4

Pardon 4 × 4

By PFA Typefaces

Author: Dennis-PFA

Pardon 4 × 4 is a carefully crafted handwriting font with a confident look. The approach is to give the impression that someone is writing while holding the pen with their toes. Paradoxically, this typeface is called Pardon. But actually Pardon would never be sorry, because it would like to be taken as it is.

This typeface is intentionally a failure. It is multipersonal, nonconformist, original, and eccentric. Nothing is standard here, which is absolutely fine! Imperfection and disproportion are the mainspring of an unconditional passion. Openness is celebrated here without measure.

Pardon 4 × 4 is a single weight font but has an extremely wide range of characters. There are four different alternates for each uppercase and lowercase letter, which is very special. There is also a huge selection of numbers, arrows, icons, and special characters, which are also freaks. Find a special expression to your individual intend.

Pardon will add a confident and peculiar feel to your work, even if you haven’t tried all the 4 × 4 options that Pardon has to offer. There is also a playful a tool called Pardon 4 × 4 Generator, which selects the stylistic set options randomly for each character and helps playfully to introduce some combinations. It can be used by everyone online.

Pardon 4 × 4

Foundry: PFA Typefaces
Designer: Martin Aleith
Release: April, 2022
File Formats: OTF, WOFF, WOFF2

Test Version
Type Specimen

Price: 40.– Euro

Pardon 4x4

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