by Antipixel

Author: antipixel

Pasto is a fun and charming display type family of two styles and four weights each. The first one, Print, is a textured irregular stamp style, and Sharp is a straightforward soft-edged type with clean strokes.

As the name Pasto suggests (“Grass”), this typeface has natural shapes such as curves, curls, and confident but delicate lines, making it playful yet strong. Going from Thin to Bold and from Print to Sharp, Pasto takes the different sizes and textures in grass and translates them into different rhythms.

With developed OpenType Contextual Alternates, this type family provides three alternating alphabets that are automatically replaced in turn repeatedly to avoid the same letterforms and textures appearing next to each other, once more referring to its natural uniqueness inspiration. Ligatures are available for specific character combinations, to improve the overall look of the word or sentence.

Perfectly suited for graphic design and any display use, Pasto has very large language support allowing users to write in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Polish, Czech, Icelandic, among many others! Special characters and currency symbols are also available.


Type foundry: Antipixel
Designer: Julia Martinez Diana
Release: May 2019
Weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold
Price: Style 11.99 Euro / Family 89.99 Euro (check the discounts on MyFonts)

2019-05-27_5cec132d04c3e_Pasto-02 2019-05-27_5cec132d04c8d_Pasto-03 2019-05-27_5cec132d04ce0_Pasto-04 2019-05-27_5cec132d04d5a_Pasto-05 2019-05-27_5cec132d04de9_Pasto-07 2019-05-27_5cec132d04da2_Pasto-06 2019-05-27_5cec132d04e30_Pasto-08 2019-05-27_5cec132d04e7d_Pasto-09 2019-05-27_5cec132d04ec7_Pasto-10 2019-05-27_5cec132d04f0e_Pasto-11 2019-05-27_5cec132d04f55_Pasto-12 2019-05-27_5cec132d04f99_Pasto-13 2019-05-27_5cec132d04fed_Pasto-14 2019-05-27_5cec132d05034_Pasto-15