By Pizza Typefaces

Author: Franzi Haeussner

With great “pleasure” we would like to introduce you to the newly released typeface Pleasure by Pizza Typefaces.

The Pleasure font is almost a running grotesque font. However, its geometric shapes did not resist the urge to be led, for certain letters, to an extrapolation of the terminals by converting them into loops. A characteristic that gives the typeface an original taste and a certain irony in the rolling of the eyes.

Launched in March 2020 by Mothi Limbu of FlirtStudio, Pleasure is characterized by a particularly fresh and witty approach, but also by the ability to combine soft but well-balanced letterforms.

Within a year, Pizza Typefaces has made some corrections and developed the entire character set, supporting all Latin languages. Alternative shapes have been added, which can be find sorted by families in the corresponding style sets.

Pleasure offers a total of 20 styles in two different families: Standard and Inktrap. There are Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black weights. All weights have a windy companion as Italics.

Pizza Typefaces is constantly striving to offer a variable font. That is why the typeface is also available in a flexible format where three axes can be adjusted. The customizable axes are weight, inktrap, and italic.

Also the typeface’s website is very entertaining—you can discover the typeface in an experimental way and it’s fun to click through.


Foundry: Pizza Typefaces
Designer: FlirtStudio (Mothi Limbu) and Borho Studio
Development: Borho Studio
Release: 2021
Styles: 20 styles in 2 families
Price: € 45.– per style, € 150.– Family, € 300.– for Pleasure Variable


Pleasure-19204 PizzaTypefaces-Pleasure6 PizzaTypefaces-Pleasure5 Pleasure-192012 Pleasure-19203 PizzaTypefaces-Pleasure3 PizzaTypefaces-Pleasure2 Pleasure-19206 Pleasure-192017 Pleasure-19202 PizzaTypefaces-Pleasure4