Magazine: wohngemeinschaft


If you look at my life, an essential component is my flat-sharing community!

Like me, many people live in a shared flat, whether they are young students or commuters, who find each other purely functional. Seniors who see great advantages in living together or families who share a farm.

The popularity of a flat-sharing community is increasing and not only for the reason of sharing the rent.

The idea is to develop a flat-sharing magazine that is authentic in its design, visualizes the meeting of different personalities and tells stories as well as useful information about flat-sharing.

There is a recurring, creative guiding idea: Different characters form a community. 

The logo is made up of four different fonts and is formed anew from issue to issue (just as a shared flat looks for new flatmates every now and then). The contributions are individually bound, so that one can unclamp the magazine and experience together (like dividing and distributing the sunday newspaper). Five different papers and five formats support the content of the articles. A poster folded into a cover encloses the individual issues to form a whole (magazine).

The modular system of the “wohngemeinschaft” allows an individual composition. In this way, each individual buyer can create his or her own magazine online from the pool of previous contributions.


– Couchsurfing
– Squatting 1973 in Hamburg
– Club as landlord
– Interpersonal things
– Tenancy law (squatting)
– Art exhibition series “Vier Wände” (Four Walls)
– Life in the future
– Multi-generation house
– Poster (as shared-flat family tree)

I developed this final thesis at the department of design at the FH Münster, moderated by Prof. Rüdiger Quass von Deyen and Dipl. Des. Paul Plattner-Wodarczak.


Olli Meier

Author of article: Olli Meier