wie ich bin—?! tamara hansen, andreas uebele


wie ich bin—?!

düsseldorf, 2016


“wie ich bin?” (how am i?) can be a question—and the answer to it could be “beautiful”. but who wants to say that about themselves? and isn’t this “wanting to be beautiful” an absurd wish? or are we beautiful and don’t see it? what’s beautiful at all? is it beautiful to have big breasts? because many men (supposedly!!) consider this desirable? is it pretty to have a big bottom just because it is so in some cultures? ideals of beauty come and go and change. but what remains is our unfree, our fearful and by questionable ideals of beauty influenced view of our body. that one is dissatisfied with his or her body—or parts of it—is a well known and maybe painful experience. but how is it with people who stand professionally in front of the camera because they correspond to a certain ideal of beauty? what will four beautiful, young women answer to the question, what they don’t like about their bodies? photographer tamara hansen and communication designer andreas uebele got to the root of these questions. the result is surprising—or (unfortunately!) not. only once was the answer: “nothing. i’m happy the way i am.”

“wie ich bin” (how i am) doesn’t have to be a question, but can also be a message when we define the topic of beauty for ourselves.


tamara hansen

communication design

andreas uebele




odoreen opoku

lilian marie schreckenberger