Print Media in the Marketing Mix – A Comprehensive Perspective on Corporate Publishing

IGEPA Webinar Crossing Dimensions

Author: Greta Landmann

The IGEPA Academy webinar series Crossing Dimensions concludes with Print Media in the Marketing Mix – A Comprehensive Perspective on Corporate Publishing on June 4th, 2024.

The series comes to an end with ideas on how paper and print can play a key role in marketing. Paper and print offer a unique opportunity to convey authenticity and substance in the corporate context. Amidst a flood of digital content, the tangible experience of paper creates a special connection and stands out. Topics include: The importance of tactile marketing according to research, the role of paper in the cross-media mix, and three impact studies by the Content Marketing Forum (on print, social media, and digital corporate content)

Following conception, design, and production, we present a captivating panel discussion on our favored topic, featuring the expertise of Regina Karnapp, Andreas Plettner, and Marian Rappl in marketing, journalism, and PR, respectively.

Regina Karnapp, Content Marketing Forum’s Managing Director since 2020, brings over a decade of experience in content marketing and journalism. The CMF, representing top content marketing expertise in the German-speaking region, champions the integration of printed customer magazines alongside digital media, supported by their recent studies.

Andreas Plettner, Marketing Director at MedienSchiff BRuno, Hamburg, has a career journey deeply intertwined with Corporate Publishing, from starting as a ship’s boy at Axel Springer to pivotal roles in major newspapers like BILD and returning to Hamburg with ZEIT. Today, he navigates the waves of both print and digital media from the production agency's perspective, never losing his passion for people and their stories, as evident in his interviews and previous expert talks.

For the past seven years, Marian Rappl has overseen communication and marketing at the Printing and Media Association Bavaria (VDMB) in Munich, following previous roles as a communication manager in the energy and insurance sectors. The recently launched campaign Umwelt.Bewusst.Gedruckt. by the Printing and Media Associations provides factual information on the value of print, especially regarding its relatively positive environmental impact. Marian will share his experiences and ambitions with the campaign, as well as insights on achieving broad reach with a small budget.

Print Media in the Marketing Mix – A Comprehensive Perspective on Corporate Publishing

June 4th, 2024
10-11.30 a.m.

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