Analog total – Fotografie heute

Analog total – Fotografie heute

Volume: 192 pages
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Analog photography is enjoying a revival. Whereas digital photography is predominantly used for documentary and everyday purposes, its analog counterpart is becoming increasingly popular as an artistic and experimental medium.

This catalog showcases the wide variety of contemporary trends in analog photography as exemplified by individual and serial works, as well as photographic installations. Produced by twenty-four artists from German-speaking countries, the works are grouped into four thematic sections that illustrate different facets of this art form, all with a distinct focus on the material and experimental uses of light, chemical ingredients, and technique.

The publication highlights contemporary takes on photograms, chemigrams, and lumen printing, which all hark bark to the early days of photography. Silver daguerreotypes and ambrotypes of modern-day sceneries create a disturbing anachronistic effect. Yet other artists employ very different forms of photography that go beyond simple cameras.

The catalog also includes artistic positions that blur the boundaries between analog and digital photography, e.g., by interacting with artificial intelligence, collaborating with digital machines, and transposing digital images into analog pictures.

Including works by: Sylvia Ballhause, Eun Sun Cho, Günter Derleth, Jana Dillo, Tine Edel, Alexander Gehring, Spiros Hadjidjanos, Alexander Kadow, Georgia Krawiec, Martin Kreitl, Antje Kröger, Ute Lindner, Lilly Lulay, Harald Mairböck, Florian Merkel, Falk Messerschmidt, Elisabeth Moritz, Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs, Helena Petersen, René Schäffer, Karoline Schneider, Regina Stiegeler, Claus Stolz, Ria Wank.


Grassi Museum für angewandte Kunst


Verlag Kettler


German, English




192 pages





Analog total – Fotografie heute