Bloomerang Go Game

Bloomerang Go Game

Format: 23 × 33
Price: 260.00 

A brand transformation game to crystallize your brand’s next-level of success and create a marketing system that will take you there.
During this game, you will embark on an adventure with your brand or project idea in order to crystallize its next-level of success.

You will narrow in on your vision, clarify the missing bits and connect all the dots using the Brand Canvas as your map. At the end of the game, you will build a marketing system that takes you to the next level.

Ready to play?

– Playbook
– Brand Canvas
– Brand Strategy Cards
– Word Cards
– Content Cards
– Style Cards Vol.1 + Vol.2
– Personal Growth Cards
– Next-Generation Cards
– Avatar Cards
– Dice (print version)
– 6 Game Pawns (print version)
– Master Game Board (optional add-on)



Format in cm (w × h × d)

23 × 33

Bloomerang Go Game