Jytte Høy: Hair Net Geometry

Jytte Høy: Hair Net Geometry

Release: 2019
Volume: 96 pages
Format: 18 x 28
Price: 29.00 

In her art work Hair Net Geometry Jytte Høy uses the ordinary, almost invisible object of the hairnet. Following a rectangular grid on the wall, the fine mesh hairnets are being stretched to maximum capacity. They result in a great variety of geometric shapes reminiscent of delicate drawings. Like many other works by Jytte Høy they combine sensitivity and humour in the use of everyday objects and play with ideas of the Concrete Art movement. Hair Net Geometry is the first publication dedicated to these filigree and unusual small sculptures, that have been exhibited as large wall installation in institutions such as ISCP New York.
The book is accompanied by a real hairnet and an instruction to create a Hair Net Geometry. With an essay by art critic and curator Maria Kjær Themsen.


The Green Box


Anja Lutz // Art Books




English / Danish

Format in cm (w × h × d)

18 x 28


96 pages


Soft Cover with Hairnet



Jytte Høy: Hair Net Geometry