Cercle Magazine #6 – Dreams

Cercle Magazine #6 – Dreams

Release: April 2018
Volume: 136 pages
Format: 20 × 26,5 cm
Price: 18.00 

For its sixth issue, Cercle Magazine, french, independent and topical magazine published once per year is wandering among Dreams through the vision and interviews of artists, professional, sociologists, designers, etc.
Interviews: Philippe Ramette, visual artist, Cédric Yvinec, anthropologist, Priya Sundaravalli, Auroville resident, Romain Meffre and Yves Marchand, photographers.
Portfolio: Ori Toor (Israel), Kazuhiro Hori (Japan), Reine Paradis (France), Clayton Woodley (USA), Minoru Nomata (Japan), Petros Koublis (Greece), Kevin Lucbert (France), Xiaoxiao Xu (China), Nick Hannes (Belgium), Craig Burrows (USA)
Font design: Mirage by Thierry Fétiveau
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Cercle Studio


April 2018

Format in cm (w × h × d)

20 × 26,5 cm


136 pages


English, French

Cercle Magazine #6 – Dreams