cie. toula limnaios

cie. toula limnaios

Format: 20 × 24 cm
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More than 25 years ago, the choreographer Toula Limnaios and the composer Ralf R. Ollertz founded the dance company cie. toula limnaios. As one of the few groups with its own venue and permanent ensemble, the Berlin-based company tours Europe, Africa, and South America with its celebrated repertoire.

In their dance pieces, Limnaios and Ollertz display all facets of life. Their scenes and images are enigmatic, poetic, and sometimes disturbing, but always have an enduring resonance. They offer insight and are immersive, while also providing absurd humor and a mischievous seriousness.

How can the experience of dance, the fleeting moments of understanding or intimations thereof, be captured? The book approaches the company’s dance art from diverse perspectives. Dancers, former and current companions, choreographers, event organizers, critics, and, last but not least, the audience themselves have their say. Photographs and sketches of scenes from the work diary of Toula Limnaios allow us to peek into the vastness of her ideas. This is a book to read, leaf through and explore—and it is about the genesis of a community.


Verlag Kettler


Ralf R. Ollertz, Toula Limnaios

Design and Editorial Management

cyan, Daniela Haufe, Detlef Fiedler

Format in cm (w × h × d)

20 × 24 cm



cie. toula limnaios