Design ist mehr als schnell mal schön

Volume: 176 pages
Format: 17.7 × 2 × 24.7 cm
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The economy has a new contract to award: Creative consulting!
In volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times, design takes on a new meaning. Management consultancies have found the term design thinking for this. You as a designer have always practiced this. Time to use it for your success.
This book “Design ist mehr als schnell mal schön” is the first step towards a new design and self-image.
It paves the way for you to design consulting. To more satisfaction and participation.
As a designer, you have always placed the customers of your clients at the center of your creative work. You do not primarily design books, brochures, websites, and more, but rather the communication between brands and people. Only: So far you have not charged for this.
Instead, you discuss colors and favors–and the strategic positioning is communicated to you in the briefing.
You want to get to the table earlier? More responsibility? Also: more money?
Maren Martschenko advises medium-sized enterprises on how to build and manage their brands and companies. She involves design at an early stage–and with great success. And she wonders why designers and their skills are not involved much earlier and more intensively in processes that always end with visualization, i.e. design. She observes a design dilemma in which lack of appreciation and payment play a major role. This does not have to be the case, she is convinced of that.
Step by step, she will open up a new terrain in which you will feel at home–as new as it may seem to you–surprisingly quickly: design consulting.
Design is more than quickly beautiful (in german: Design ist mehr als schnell mal schön). Design is more than form and color.
Design is a designed corporate strategy! That is your expertise. And your chance. Seize it!


Verlag Hermann Schmidt


Claudia Siebenweiber

Format in cm (w × h × d)

17.7 × 2 × 24.7 cm


176 pages




thread-stitched hardcover