Die typografische Komposition

Die typografische Komposition

Volume: 368 pages
Format: 21 × 29,7
Price: 68.00 

Typography and layout are based on proven technical and aesthetic principles that give you orientation and support in the design process. The system “Typography and Layout” forms the basis for your design.

Martin Mosch will guide you from the smallest element, the letter, through word and line, column and format to the big picture, the principles of composition and layout.
In this practical workshop, you will recognize how detailed decisions influence the effect of the overall composition, which visual strategies work and how, what needs to be considered in the design process - and how you can make your everyday creative life easier and more successful.

Based on viewing habits and reading behavior, this book provides you with the tools for the skillful use of type and images - a foundation on which you can rely and build your top performance in visual communication.


Verlag Hermann Schmidt


368 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

21 × 29,7




Thread-stitched cloth binding



Die typografische Komposition