Film Festival Cologne—Die Macht der Bilder

Film Festival Cologne—Die Macht der Bilder

Release: 10/2021
Volume: 176 pages
Format: 16 x 24 cm
Price: 18.00 

“FFCGN—FAST FORWARD” is what moves everyone, a digital magazine for moving images and pop culture. And that’s not all: This moving content was kept moving and transferred into a printed form! Ready is the first print edition of “FFCGN–FAST FORWARD.

Connections are important. The origin of the new idea is the “FILM FESTIVAL COLOGNE.” 30 years of experience with moving images. 30 years of exchange with the community. Of course, the “FILM FESTIVAL COLOGNE” is an integral part of the digital as well as the print magazine. Here as well as there you can find information about the program of the festival weeks, from which a lot of inspiration can be drawn in the future. But “FFCGN–FAST FORWARD” has more to offer than “just” the festival. For example, this magazine “Film Festival Cologne—Die Macht der Bilder” as part of the content platform that unites everything.

What touches us in everyday life? Social media is exploding. Memes, GIFs, reels, listicles. A poll or a quiz on Instagram. The world of images and signs has taken off violently due to such formats. “FFCGN–FAST FORWARD” is meant to pick up the momentum instead of merely being carried away by images. Where the surfaces seem most appealing, the magazine “Film Festival Cologne—Die Macht der Bilder” goes into the depths. First of all, this means holding up a mirror to our own fascination.


Slanted Publishers

Chief Editorship

Martina Richter

Art Direction

Holger Risse


Melville Brand Design






176 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

16 x 24 cm





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Film Festival Cologne—Die Macht der Bilder